At this level, the Aspire coaches encourage our athletes to begin developing the mindset needed to be successful in an elite netball performance programme. Our Foundation athletes are introduced to health and wellbeing advice along with strength and conditioning because at Aspire we firmly believe in enabling our athletes to learn how to move correctly and safely to prevent injury and illness.

In addition to learning more specific performance netball skills our athletes will be encouraged to be “fearless” on court by applying their new skills in a safe environment, confident that they have the full support and recognition of their team.   Our Foundation programme is aimed at those with a good basic netball knowledge and are ready for higher performance development.  We keep track of the performance of our Little Stars athletes as they develop and push for a place at the Foundation level.


High performance athletes operating at this level are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own development on and off the court through their Individual Development Plan (IDP).   In addition to learning advanced netball skills, our Advanced athletes will have access to specific positional training alongside learning skills and matchplay tactics to help them succeed at this level.  

The theme of health and well being is developed further through specialist nutritional advice and sports psychology sessions for our Advanced performance athletes.  In addition to developing individual excellence, our Aspire coaches will continue to focus on our core values of encouraging teamwork, recognising and supporting each others efforts and being “fearless” on court.  Our Advanced programme is aimed at athletes who have experienced higher level coaching and are performing already to an above average level in training and match play, plus our coaches will be identifying the emerging talent from our Foundation programme.


All the Aspire programmes are based on leading edge research into sporting excellence and coaching.  At the Aspire Elite level we really get into the science of being a high performance athlete with the introduction of performance analysis, advanced problem solving, dealing with setbacks as a team along with lifestyle advice for our Elite athletes to help balance the demands of school with being a performance athlete.  Our Elite training incorporates matchplay tactical skills, unit work, positional work and advanced netball skills.

Athletes at this level demonstrate the necessary netball prowess combined with the personal attributes to be successful in a high performance netball programme.  Our Elite programme is aimed at athletes who excel in their netball skills and already show elite level potential for onwards development.  Our coaches will be looking to spot aspiring talent within the Advanced level of the programme too.